Complementary Portfolio of Brands: We operate an integrated portfolio of brands, diversified across segments / channels / lines of business; each brand fulfills a clear mission and occupies a distinct segment of the market; brands complement each other.

Retain Individual Brand Autonomy and Culture: Our individual brands retain their uniqueness. Our brand teams focus on brand vision, innovation, product development, creative and advertising direction, and retail and merchandising execution.

Benefit from Scale: We accelerate revenue growth and realize cost reduction opportunities by: leveraging corporate expertise; sharing innovation, ideas, and research across brands; enhancing negotiations with global retailers; and streamlining supply chain, infrastructure, and back office.

Our Company Name: Glansaol

Glansaol, pronounced Glan Sale, means “Pure Life” in the Irish language. We chose this company name for three reasons:

For our consumers, Glansaol is how we want to make you look and feel. Glansaol defines a state of contentment, serenity and gratification that comes from looking and feeling your very best. Our mission is to bring our consumers leading-edge solutions for all their beauty & personal care needs and to inspire confidence.

For our brands and organization, Glansaol embodies how we work together. While individual brands retain their uniqueness and focus on innovation, creative direction, and retail execution, our teams work together to accelerate performance and deliver the best products by sharing innovation, research, and ideas across brands.